During the opening talk there was some audio glitches when a particular image was show. Turns out this is due to how the lecture hall handled hdmi to vga and it inducing interference in the audio cable, for some reason.

What it does

Basically, I tried to use this interference to play music by just drawing things on my screen. This works and I'm horrified that it does.

How I built it

It's just a P5.JS app running on the lecture hall screens. I just plugged in my laptop via HDMI and watched the mayhem unfold.

Challenges I ran into

Actually triggering this was quite difficult. really amazing that this happened by accident.

Had help from Cathryn (@Meowter_space) in understanding how to trigger this.

Controlling audio glitches is kinda hard and I don't really have proper tone control and all that. but good enough for crab rave.

This actually required a flashing lights warning on the room I was demoing in.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I literally made RF interference with javascript. if that isn't absurd and amazing I don't know what is.

What I learned

I can stand annoying sounds better than I thought.

What's next for dj whitenoize

Really nothing. Hopefully they fix this lecturer hall for next year as this really did cause a lot of issues for the organizers.

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