When you hear music that you enjoy you feel good. We make that happen.

What it does

Synopsis DJ Spot is able to detect who is in a room based on their wifi connection and edit a live playlist to reflect the tastes of the current occupants and a mood the owner specifies.

Business Plan By allowing this device to be bought by individuals and used free of cost, we create a database of Spotify accounts that can be recognised by wifi.

By selling the device on a subscription basis to bars, stores, and other businesses, we are able to monetize our data and allow these establishments to raise customer retention by creating a friendly atmosphere.

How we built it

How we find room occupants Using a Rasberry Pi we are able to scan the wifi network for connected devices and collect the MAC addresses. Through a web portal, users associate their MAC addresses with their Spotify account. The owner associates their account with the Rasberry Pi through the same web portal. When the Rasberry Pi is turned on (for a party or business hours) our server parses the mac addresses and updates the correlated Spotify playlist with songs that are chosen based on the room's occupant's tastes.

How we choose relevant songs Compile all users favourite artists Use Spotify's recommendation's API to choose relevant songs Update list every minute to account for changes in room occupants

Challenges we ran into

Spotify's API has odd restrictions that resulted in our team backtracking to account for assumptions that were not possible.

Spotify Node API had only 80% coverage and did not cover the functions we needed so we couldn't use a node wrapper.

Queen's internet is secure, so giving the pi wifi was more difficult than expected.

Could not attach our built Facebook Bot to our product as we could not connect FB users to Spotify users in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! And that is pretty cool, we did not think it was possible in the beginning to achieve our vision

What we learned

MEAN stack AWS hosting Working with a Pi LEGO is still fun

What's next for DJ Spot

Complete Facebook bot Finalise business plan Build Pi to be plug-and-run ready Let the founders sleep

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