You are DJ SkillRex, a rockin' dino with killer dubstep beats!

Tap the buttons on the platform to match the pattern sequence! Similar to the memory game Simon, but far more advanced! The entire platform rotates, making it very difficult to keep track. Pressing the buttons will trigger bass drops, wahwah's & other dubstep sounds.

This game was created in 36 hours for the SXSW Game Jam. The game concept, art and music was all made within that time. We then presented the game the following weekend at SXSW Interactive.

I want to create an VR version where you play as DJ SkillRex, and an AR version where you can place the platform onto a surface in front of you. I also want to add numerous additional features, such as a hint button to replay the sequence, updated UI, multiple song tracks (already created) and I also want to add a "Super Dubstep Meter" that charges up if you trigger the bass drops & wahwah's at the right time.

I plan to implement Everyplay into the game, as well. This will allow the users to generate videos of their gameplay, and directly share it on Facebook! Very cool feature.

Additionally, I would also like to implement Unity Ads into the game, and profit will be donated to IGDA! This was something we talked about during the game jam, and I think it's an awesome notion to implement an ad feature that helps to generate donations for the community:)

You got skillz!

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