What it does

DJ Rainbow Pi is everything you love about music, with none of the emotional baggage. It plays your .mp3 songs using a 3-meter LED strip, and it maps audio frequency values to the color spectrum in real time. It's totes lit.

How we built it

We used a Raspberry Pi 2, an Arduino UNO, Python, and Flask.

Challenges we ran into

Converting a 3.3V PWM signal to a 5V LED strip just wasn't cutting it with the Raspberry Pi. We instead opted to use the Arduino to interact with the LED hardware, and the Pi for raw processing of audio data. We later ran into significant issues installing some of the signal processing libraries we were using on a 32-bit OS, so much of what we wanted to use was incompatible on the Raspberry Pi. Also, reading bytes one-by-one over a serial data line requires quite some patience.

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