I love and I love party games. Self-explanatory

What it does

There's a drum machine and a soundboard which can be linked between "rooms", so you can hear the same things your friends are hearing.

How we built it

The sounds are managed using Howler.js and the user events and propagated and synced through Peer.js

Challenges we ran into

Learning peer js, and learning that debugging object events sent over the internet is really hard. Also I wish I used typescript because that would have saved me so much time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

You can customize the drums ;)

What we learned

I had never used either howler or peerjs, so that was a really good learning experience for me.

What's next for DJ Party

Since the state of the dj machine can be easily serialized, the next step is to have DJ competitions! Make the best beat and compete against your friends, letting others judge, just like a JackBox game.

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