Inspiration We all come from experiences that are based on various types of music. It's amazing how as human beings, we are so different yet so similar. Music affects us all whether it be expressed through smiles, nods of approval, fist pumps, and even head bangs. The world is changing in such different ways and we are becoming more and more open to these eclectic types of music. Why worry whether your ideal crowd will enjoy your music when you can have it all managed? Hospitality and Mutual Respect is what brings out a great environment, whether it be in a restaurant, a shopping mall, or even in your own home. We feel through these beats and they elate us. Our prototype seeks to do just that. We want to maintain an elated musical experience wherever it may be. We want our crowd to be just as happy as we are to create this innovation.

How it works Our prototype is built through a Javascript and HTML framework. We use a domain to incorporate our webcam cameras that will not only capture our facial recognition, but also our emotions as well. Using this data, our program computes an algorithm that will provide a satisfaction output which will let the server know whether the song that is currently being played is satisfying our audience. If we retain a negative output, our server will change the song and play music that is currently trending on the audience.

How we built it

The biggest challenge that our team faced was that we felt that we were inexperienced. Three out of four of our team are Junior Mechanical Engineers and our fourth member is a Freshman Mech Tech major. Most of us have never had any coding experience besides MATLAB and AutoCAD. In that way, we felt that although we wanted to tinker with hardware, we felt our software base lacked incredibly. We went through numerous basic tutorials and started to code using Python, which one of our members tried downloading three times.Our initial approach was to have front and back end development for our idea. In that way, to incorporate our Microsoft Emotion API we needed to upload it on a web server to be open to the world. This was incredibly new for most of us; one of us did not even know what an API was or how it worked. Since this was our first hackathon, we didn't know that we would be offered an abundant amount of resources. Some of the technology such as the Surface Book and the Oculus Rift, we have only seen in commercials but have never held. Nevertheless, we hacked and played as much as we can.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

What we learned

What's next for DJ Montage

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