As a music lover and someone who has absolutely no knowledge on DJ-ing, I assumed there are many others like me. We want to feel the heat and passion as we mix our favourite songs but are unable to because of so many barriers such as the high cost of DJ equipment and skill level cap that we cannot overcome in a short time. That's why we created this app to help people like ourselves experience the world of DJ-ing. Be your own DJ at your own parties with a laptop, a LeapMotion and your playlist!

What it does

DJ Leap instantaneously makes you a DJ without any professional equipments or personal skill. All you need is a laptop and a LeapMotion. You can increase the track speed up to 3.0x, fast forward/backward your playlist, add a new set of beats of your own, crossfade two distinct tracks, imitate record scratching and even 'drop the bass'!

How we built it

Used openFrameworks for graphics and audio, Leap SDK for raw data and c++ for general coding.

Challenges we ran into

We had to understand how DJing works to create the closest thing to real DJ equipments, but also remove the technology barrier users may face. Therefore we generated various hand gestures using raw data from LeapMotion for more friendly user interface. Getting the precision of hand motions right was the biggest issue because the slightest mis-movement would result in a whole different action and mess your track up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of everything that my team has completed up to the final moment and the fact that we were able to produce a fairly high-quality program.

What's next for DJ Leap

We are hoping to have a sync feature where we can sync two songs with different bpms so they will sound even more natural and amazing.

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