Dj-Husky is a web-app designed to make your parties even more interactve. By creating a Party instance, you can host a Spotify playlist online that your friends can access. Songs are ordered and played based on the upvote/downvote ratio (you and your friends upvote and downvote songs). Furthermore, anyone can search and add songs to the playlist.

Right now, we are able to fetch the data in the database display that information on our web page. You can search for songs and add them into the Party. So far, connecting our app to the Spotify native app is not supported functionality, and neither is song voting.

To start the program, navigate to the dj-husky directory and enter the following into your shell: '$ python runserver'. From there, you should be able to open up 'http://localhost:8000/' in your browser, which will show you the landing page, where you would be able to create a new Party. This feature is not fully supported yet.

By going to 'http://localhost:8000/21/', you can view one of the pre-made parties. Click the search icon at the top of the page to search for songs. You can click, or click and drag to select songs once you've searched, and then press the carot at the bottom of the sidebar to add the songs into the party.

To view the parties in the database via the Django REST Framework API, navigate to 'http://localhost:8000/api/parties/'. To view the songs, go to 'http://localhost:8000/api/songs/'.

This was all of our first time working with Javascript, the Django REST Framework, and the first real exposure to HTML and CSS for most of us. We threw ourselves into a completely unknown environment, and are proud of the work we were able to accomplish in 24 hours. Though we were faced with ridiculous bugs that consumed an embarrassing amount of our time, we gave it our all, and we had fun. Thank you HuskyHacks 2016, we'll see you next year.


Brendon, Sean, Marina, Erin, and Demi

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