We wanted to create a DJ setup that could be used without the need for a turntable or any equipment. One could simply scratch with their hand and use their fingers to simulate loops, playbacks and crossfade switches.

What it does

The user puts on the glove and can do a number of actions which correspond to actions on the VirtualDJ 8 software.

How I built it

The glove reads in data into JSON format from a number of sensors place across different areas of the glove. That data is then extracted using a python script. The python script then extracts the data and based on experimentally determined threshold for pressure, wrist motion, etc. triggers "action events". These events are what cause the corresponding changes in VirtualDJ. This work using the win32 API by simulating virtual keyboard strokes. The virtualDJ software has a custom keyboard shortcut mapping we created that allows correspond to the virtual keystrokes.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for DJ Glove

We are submitting just before the deadline, all our videos are in the google drive! Not much time to write more sorry!

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