Has he got the skills to keep this party poppin?!? Keep the crowd happy or it gets SHUT DOWN. That's it. DONE.

Join DJ Choppa as he masters the mix on his interstellar mission of party CONTROL! mmtiss mmtiss mmtiss mmtiss

By far the biggest hurdle we've faced so far is developing a reliable process to synchronize music with the players' experience.

Edit 4-26-15 Check out the new screenshots, more details/updates coming soon!

Edit 5-3-15 Check out the video of our game in action! We are already working on improvements and we still nee to add a few things, stay tuned for the next update! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08kA4X5Mxys

Edit 5-11-15 8:47am!!!**

DJ Choppa is a DJ sim where you interact with the crowd!

Do they love you or do they hate you?!? Check the love/hate meter to see how you are performing. Keep the crowd loving you by matching beats on time. Miss enough beats and it's game over.

Controller needed (left joystick to match beats, x button to pause)

Headphones recommended

Things we wanted to accomplish but didn't get to... *Pooling the crowd animations to play specific animations at certain times.

*Tightening up the position of the notifications on screen. *Matching the music and notifications with better timing.

*Implement soundboard mode

Q. What would we do different next time:? A. Seek out testers earlier in our process.

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