DJ 2.0

An open source, multi-platform, and collaborative service to create playlists and play music with your friends

Live Demo

You can find a demo of the application at

What does it do?

DJ 2.0 provides a distributed social service where the users create the playlists with the music they want to hear. It takes 2 simple steps to create an event and begin to add music. The tracks are ranked based on user popularity by voting for your favorite tracks before they are played. This innovative system will ensure you and your friends have a blast wherever you go.

A little bit of backstory

DJ 2.0 came as an idea for the HackLondon hackathon in an attempt to revolutionize the way parties should be experienced. Long gone are the times of DJs choosing what music is played and which are not. In the 21st century it only makes sense that the community is the one in charge of choosing what they want to hear. With DJ 2.0 we put the power of the selection of music in the hands of the users, where it rightfully belongs. The application supports the creation of different "party" events and allows the attendees to jointly select their preferred tracks.

How does it work?

Developed with Meteor JS, the application boasts of a responsive design fit for all mobile devices, tablets, and computers alike. With native support for full stack reactivity, a track added by a user is automatically synced among the rest of connected users in realtime.

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