DIY ventilators would make it possible to care for critically ill patients when there is no longer access to professional equipment. Engineers are now losing valuable time struggling with fragmented information on designs, missing documentation and chat groups in over-drive.

What it does

We want to cut down the cognitive load and reading time an engineer needs to start building. We have managed currently to include 2 designs, and their list of components at the moment. The engineer can pick the design he or she is interested in, and go through a series of key answers or bits of information they need to start building.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

  • Hard to scrape information from websites to provide real time information on availability of components
  • Mining text data
  • ..

Accomplishments that we are proud of

What we have learned

  • ...
  • many steps involved to do make existing bot open source, thinking about writing open source chatbot for scratch.

What's next for DIY ventilators Scout

  • listing most used ventilator designs and summarizing the data we have on these ventilators.
  • Include FAQ’s about existing ventilator designs.
  • include access to local DIY communities
  • Making the work we did open source so that other members of the community can contribute helping find data which is currently difficult to find
  • look at hosting the chatbot on other platforms.

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