While organising meetings, nights out, dinners and so on as a group, we have been encountering many inconveniences as the means of social media have provided us with. Current social media fails to bring people together on real-time update of group activities and often causes confusion among people who want to join later to the group. We started to look into how we could improve our experiences regard to gathering people into one place. Facebook events are not used occasionally for casual night outs among groups of people, nor other social apps are accessed for daily occasions. There, we thought to come up with a service where we could provide our friends with information on our current location so that any users of this service can grasp the event in one sight.

DIY Maps makes a maps collaboration and secure location sharing a breeze.

What it does

Users can create and share Boards, which are map canvases, where they can collaborate and locate each other. Users can spot each other on a map and get current updates on group activities.

How we built it

Back-end PHP. Front-end Java Script using the Google Maps APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Half of our team were novices in web developing. So learning how to build an website which performs our prototype was a big step for us. Coordinate precisions was also a hardship that we had to overcome. Getting a precise coordinate value for the places where users search for was challenging. And many technical offsets were encountered unexpectedly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As learning how to web-develop was our first challenge, we are very proud to produce an website which meets our ideals. The project also bounded us together as a team. Helping each other on his or her doubts and providing feedbacks on each steps, we have built ourselves into a one team.

What we learned

Front end development all across the team.

What's next for DIY Map

Add more user interaction options, like status updates, polls or even chat can enhance our service to users.

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