Injection molding is a powerful manufacturing process that makes beautiful, intricate 3D pieces. Due to limitations of tray molding, it is difficult to make 3D parts with chocolate, silicone, or other cured materials. With our device, we bring injection molding to your home!

What it does

The funnel at top allows for any fluid to flow through. Then, the user presses a button to bring the molds together. Much like an injection molding machine, two halves of the mold come together to create an intricate design. Within the mold, the part cools, and outputs a 3D part that is impossible to make with conventional, manual casting & molding methods.


We ran into unexpected problems with 3D printing and laser cutting - But, in the end we were able to assemble and actuate our machine! We have chocolate to test our first design with creating a MakeMIT chocolate piece.

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