DIY Gimbal

This project consists of 3 MG996R servo motors for the 3-axis control, and a base on which the MPU6050 sensor and the battery will be placed.

Components used in this project

All other resorces are available on my github.


  • This gimbal help to stablize the phone/camera in a fixed position to capture a better quality videos.
  • This gimbal consist of 3 servo motors that helps it to work on all 3 axis (x, y, z).
  • This gimbal is cheaper.

Faced Difficulty

I faced lot more difficulties with the circuit as i am new to hardware, i made 5 times mistake in wiring another difficulty was to write the algorithm in C++ as i am in learning stages of C++.


I learnt lot more things during this hackathon project like how to solve circuit problems, how to use MPU6050 and how to code algorithms in C++.


I got this thought watching young youth as they all want to be youtuber or tiktoker, so it will help them to record the videos very smoothly without disturbance within a cheap cost.

Not Maintained after

It will not be so maintained after 10th Feb 2021. It will be again available after 4-5 months till then the repo will get privated.

What's Next

I will improve its circuit diagram and explaination as much as i can.

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