We decided we wanted to play around with a few different APIs and se what we could make out of them.

What it does

This web application and hardware hack allows college students to poll their expenditures from the past month to see what kinds of things they had spent money on to better help them manage expenses with often-tight college budgets. To create mock data sets, we wrote python programs to populate the Capitol One API's database. To allow direct plugging into the API, we also used the magnetic field sensors, and buttons on the FRDM-K64F microcontroller provided by ARM and programmed using ARM's compiler. This allows it to add a purchase to one's account based on how long a phone is held near the controller or button is pushed (which input is controlled by a finite state machine).

How I built it

We experimented with APIs and prior knowledge

What I learned

I learned plenty about HTTP JSON requests, and additional functionality in python and c++

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