We refuse to accept the status quo in regards to betting. Divvy will shape the future of gaming by pioneering into DeFi betting and creating an ecosystem that promotes transparency, efficiency, fairness, and trust.

Divvy is integrating the latest advancements in the blockchain space to redefine the way people bet. We’re part of the Web3 revolution and thanks to Solana, we’re able to offer our users with a secure and seamless experience that doesn’t break the bank.

We're huge supporters of the NFT movement and have been amazed by all the incredible artwork that have been bought to life. We realized that Divvy has a unique opportunity to integrate NFTs into the ecosystem and offer users another avenue to interact with the protocol. We set out to create a NFT that not only possessed utilities that unlocked perks in the ecosystem, but also the ability to level up and entered into battles with reward considerations.

This is only the beginning.

What it does

Divvy is as DeFi Betting protocol where liquidity providers are the House. V1 will support web3 sports betting meaning that there's no signup process. Connect your wallet and you're good to go. This enables users to wager directly from their wallets. There's no need to deposit prior to wagering. This is all possible because Divvy is powered by Solana programs to facilitate the creation, trading, and settlement of stablecoin based wagering. Divvy was recently rolled out to the devnet.

Divvy Moonshot is a fun and exhilarating game of chance, borrowing inspiration from bust-a-bit. Users wager their desired amount of SOL and must eject from the HODL rocket before it explodes. The longer you stay on the rocket, the higher reward multiplier, however, if you're on the rocket as it explodes, you lose your entire stake. We'll also be releasing MoonShot awards such as NFT memorabilia for those with enough courage to go all the way to the Moon.

Divvy is also exploring adding a predictions markets to the protocol and currently designing early prototypes. . Divvian NFTs will be the face of Divvy. They'll act as avatars of our loyal members, and have a collectables element. Certain combination of Divvian NFTs will unlock specific rewards. We're also building the play2earn utility where Divvians will be upgradable via fighting attributes and be enter into battle for prizes. Bystanders will be able to wager on the match. Divvians will provide a unique way for users to interact with our platform as well as for Divvy to tell a unique and evolving story (more to come on that at a later date!)

How we built it

Our multinational, multilingual team worked around the clock - passing the torch as one member’s day ended and another began. We divvied up the work, decided who would champion which tasks, collaborated on ideas in many different threads and channels, rapidly prototyped concepts, organized the project on-the-fly, and brought order out of the chaos.

Challenges we ran into

A front-end Dev went AWOL without pushing any of their code for the moonshot project, leaving the team to scramble on the week of submission in order to have anything visual to present for that portion of the project. We were constantly finding new needs the team had as our vision and scope grew. This resulted in a perpetual search for talent and needing to handle onboarding regularly. We added the last member to our project on the 7th of October! New members of the team brought big and exciting ideas to the project, but the resulting scope growth could not be handled by the team's then-current project management tools and procedures. We changed PM tools mid-project, updated and communicated new procedures, and everyone helped the others to learn and follow them. Iteration speed increased and the number of missed-communications plummeted once we had overcome this hurdle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've continued to make strides since the last hackathon and launched the first version of Divvy on devnet. Additionally, we recently added new members to the project who have dramatically increased the number of offerings we plan to bring to market in the coming months without hindering the progress of our current engagements. These additional products (NFTs, Moonshot, and some we have not mentioned yet) will serve to round out our platform’s offerings and ensure that Divvy offers its users the best experience possible.

What we learned

The incredible rate at which we iterated on ideas on so many fronts tested the mettle of each member of the team. We learned that the people we brought together here are exceptional at staying focused on the common goal, being flexible in where- and how- they provide value to the project, and being able to check egos at the door and find a solution that is amenable to everyone.

We also had different members of the project learn many different things about blockchain, sports-betting, software development & architecture, even music. We had so many initiatives that we worked on, and so many different roles that were filled, it is impossible to succinctly cover what the team learned.

What's next for Divvy

We'll be minting the Divvian NFTs in November and will immediately start integrating benefits into the Divvy ecosystem. In conjunction the the NFT launch, we're also introducing MoonShot, Divvy's take on the classic bitcoin game, "bust-a-bit". Divvy is committed to provider the best user experience by offering a clean and simple to understand UI. There'll continuous upgrades to Divvy as we're targeting to launch mainnet in early 2022. Make sure to join our community for updates and announcements.

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