I thought it would be fun to use this data set.

What it does

It determines if people will get a divorce based on a 54 question questionnaire.

How I built it

I used Pandas for data cleaning. Then for the algorithm I used some machine learning libraries in Python such as scikit-learn to classify the people into divorced or not divorced.

Challenges I ran into

There were some problems with the data cleaning the the delimiters in the csv file.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really happy that I was able to get the accuracy of the model up to 97 percent with random forest classifiers.

What I learned

I learned some about data cleaning and how to use random forest classifiers with sci-kit learn.

What's next for Divorce-Prediction

I would like to use Flask to create a web app so people can take the questionnaire and get immediate results.

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