These days between 40 and 50 percent of couples in the USA will get divorced. What if there was an algorithm that could predict with 85% accuracy whether a couple would stay together or get divorced? Think of all the pain and suffering this would alleviate.

This might sound crazy, but by using 40 years of research from the worlds foremost relationship researcher, Dr. John Gottman, our team has married Dr. Gottman's techniques and methodologies with a facial recognition algorithm that can observe a couple and give them feedback as to how their relationship is doing overall.

Our app works by recording the facial expressions of couples as they talk about an area of conflict in their relationship, and then processing this facial data with a facial coding system know as SPAFF. Using these methods we can create an overall score for the relationship and for each partner.

Our goal is to reduce the divorce rate in the United States by 1% over the next two years. We aim to achieve this by helping couples understand how their relationships are doing and by providing them with the proven resources necessary to strengthen and repair their relationships.

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