There is an old saying, The Show Must Go On, which kept me thinking and finding out a way to connect teachers and students virtually and allow teachers to take lectures from home and to develop a completely open source and free platform different from the other major paid platforms.

What it does

This website is completely an open source and free tool to use

This website whose link is provided below, allows a teacher to share his / her live screen and audio to all the students connected to meeting by the Meeting ID and Password shared by the teacher.

Also this website has a feature of Canvas, which can be used as a blackboard by the teachers.

Including that, this website also contains a doubtbox where students can type in their doubts or answer to teachers questions while the lecture is going on.

Again this website also has a feature of tab counting, in which, tab change count of every student is shown to the teacher. This will ensure that every student is paying attention to the lecture.

Also, teacher can ask questions in between the lecture, similar to how teacher asks questions in a classroom.

How I built it

1) The main component in building this is the open source tool called WebRTC i.e. Web Real Time Communication. This technology allows screen, webcam and audio sharing between browsers.

2) Secondly Vuetify a very new and modern framework was used for the front end design.

3) Last but not the least NodeJS was used at the backend to write the API's which connect and interact with the MongoDB database.

Challenges I ran into

The hardest part of building this website was to find a open source tool to achieve screen and audio sharing. This is because Covid crisis has affected most of the countries economy due to lockdown. Hence, it is of utmost important that schools and colleges do not need to pay for conducting lectures.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am basically proud of developing the complete project from scratch and the thing that anyone who has the will to connect to students and teach them can use it freely.

What I learned

I learned a new technology called WebRTC which I believe that is going to help me more than I expect in future.

What's next for Divoc

Integrating an exam module and allowing teachers to take exams from home.

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