Imagine going to a birthday dinner with 10 other friends and after you finish your meal, the cashier asks if you want to split the bill. It gets really awkward if people shared an appetizer or a side salad together... Who should pay? So we made an app that eliminates that! Divit helps you split the bill based on a picture of a receipt. So you can live happily ever after with debt-free friendship!

What it does

When the user takes a picture of the receipt, Divit divides up the items so the user can choose who's responsible for paying each item. Once the user chooses who's responsible, Divit automatically schedules transfers from other people's bank accounts so people don't have to worry about owing each other later.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and Ruby on Rails for our backend. Azure was used to host our backend and we incorporated the Capital One API to help with money transaction.

Challenges we ran into

There weren't a lot of open source libraries for OCR for image recognition of the receipt, and it was really hard trying to get it to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to integrate a working mobile application with a backend hosted by Azure and even did our own designs. Each one of us contributed in many ways to the project and had fun doing everything.

What we learned

Since half of our team was new to Android development, they learned a lot about Android Studio and android development in general. Like with any hackathon, the significantly reduced amount of time and working under pressure helps us learn how to 'keep it cool' when things don't seem possible.

What's next for Divit

To get the OCR working correctly and polish up small things, such as security

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