Our main idea was a game, with some difficulties and some feature with sensors.

What it does

DivineTap is a game based on a Fallen Angel that want Come back in to paradise, but the evil forces will try to block his path, but with what remains of his divine powers, he will fight them. The game have some mechanics: Fast shot and the enemy are hard to die, *If you shake the phone you can use the shield for black the attacks in coming *

How I built it

This project is built with Swift UI and Sprite-Kit, at beginning was very difficult to work with this 2 Framework. All the components of the game are created in sprite with Aseprite.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge for us was create a game that is difficult, in our case the game is created with precise mathematical mechanics.

What I learned

We have learned some things like, how SpriteKit work or how create a sprite with different tool, how can create the effects in pixel art, how to work with timing, and how work with sensors.

What's next for Divine Tap

Next step to divine tap is create new levels and create add some features and work with the intere game.

Built With

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