After Elton received an email about an overdraft fee from his credit card, our team sought to make it easier to understand and visualize our finances in an intuitive manner.

Divine Intervention is a Chrome extension that notifies you about the financial impact of making an online purchase.

What it does

It is easy to exceed the credit limit or overdraft a debit card simply out of ignorance. Banks notify you only in the aftermath when they've charged the fees already - a situation that could have been avoided if only you knew about your low balances beforehand.

Divine Intervention intervenes every time you're about to overspend. The extension works in the background and provides a timely warning whenever you're about to make a purchase that will exceed any of your financial limits. You can visualize how your balance will be affected by the purchase so that you can always make well-informed purchasing decisions.

How I built it

On setup, you login to your bank accounts, and we use the Plaid API to access your banking information. That's all - everything is ready. We used Bootstrap for the UI components, JQuery and Vanilla JS for DOM manipulation and local storage.

We used chart.js to generate visualizations of your finances.

Challenges I ran into

We had some trouble deciding on a project that everyone was excited about working on. We switched tracks from Education to Fintech.

Some technical challenges we faced was detecting when the user is on a billing page. We tried to use a ML approach, but this was not very effective. Instead, we switched to just scraping the page the user is on and using heuristics to detect if it is a billing page.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Divine Intervention works, and it is a product that I would use to learn more about my personal finances.

Furthermore, Divine Intervention has the potential to help people make more informed decisions about their personal finance. It intervenes at a point of action where the user is about to make a mistake - and really helps people to not fall into financial pitfalls that are too subtle and damaging at times.

What I learned

I gained more familiarity with JS, HTML, and CSS. Additionally, I learned how to map out user experience and add character to applications. I also learned about branding and graphic desgin; I designed the logo.

What's next for Divine Intervention

Gain authorization from Plaid for Divine Intervention to become an official app. Add Divine Interventions to the Chrome store. Add integrations to budgeting applications. Work on a mobile version.

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