For people with anxiety, ADHD, depression, or other mental health struggles, finishing tasks can sometimes feel impossible. Projects at school or work may seem daunting, and the thought of even starting the task is often overwhelming. Most task manager apps and websites function in such a way that they show what needs to be done and when the tasks are due without much regard for how they should be completed. This method is not beneficial for everyone. Our website was inspired by the cognitive behavioral therapy technique of successive approximation, which encourages users to break down large tasks into smaller and more doable ones. This technique uses positive reinforcement as a reward to encourage task completion while also allowing users to build time and stress management skills. We built this website in the hopes that it can help people be more productive versions of themselves in any situation.

What it does

Tasks and subtasks. Medals and positive statements.

The website allows users to input tasks and subtasks. The tasks do not need to have subtasks, but the user can create as many as they need in order to fully utilize the site. When a user completes a task, they will receive 5 points for main tasks and 3 points for subtasks. The main tasks with more subtasks will be worth more total points because of the accumulation of the points from the subtasks. Every 50 points, the user receives a medal. Every time the user completes a main task, they receive a message of positive reinforcement.

How we built it

React.js frontend. Java backend. SQL database. CSS. Apache TomCat to use Java to query database and return data through HTTP request for frontend. Frontend is React.js with CSS. Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Database problems, lots of debugging. Getting output from frontend, backend, or database. Working with states in React. React learning curve. Working with CSS libraries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figuring out React, to a degree. Teamwork. Finished a product that could have an impact on the intended audience. The beautiful color scheme of the site. Learning to use Terminal more. Using Apache TomCat. Learning about HTTP requests. Connecting a database to a frontend and backend. Successfully connecting a frontend to backend. Learning JavaScript

What we learned

CSS. JavaScript. React.js. HTML. Connecting backend and frontend. GitHub. Using Terminal/Command Prompt. Apache TomCat. SQL. Databases.

What's next for Divide + Conquer

Time management, connecting to Google Calendars. Account creation/management. More polished positive reinforcement. Better aesthetic design.

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