About divid.io

Divid.io is a play on the words divide, video, and the .io domain.


Some time last week, we wanted to watch a video on someone's phone but the screen was too small to see the details. But since we all own a smart phone, why not combine our screens and display a larger video across all the devices?!

What it does

This web application allows people to upload videos to be displayed across any devices that join in the fun. The video will be sycned and broadcasted in correct proportions across all devices to form a coherent larger display. Any device can pause/play the video at any point in time.

How we built it

Hardwork, determination, and caffeine.

Challenges we ran into

iPhones don't play nice with inline videos. We built a canvas overlay over the video and created handlers for controlling the video. Unfortunately, that destroyed the ability of Android phones to join in the fun. It was also pretty frustrating to get CSS to play nice (especially on iOS devices).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the wee hours of the hackathon, we encountered many problems getting the videos to fit properly on iOS devices. We were close to pivoting and changing our idea but through sheer force of will we pressed on and eventually figured out a fix.

What we learned

Readapting existing APIs for specific use cases, as well as a good working knowledge of building web applications using the Rails framework.

What's next for divid.io

There are currently plans to expand the project to accommodate non-iOS devices, and the ability to add multiple devices to form an even larger screen. We also intend to provide a user interface that allows users to customize the manner in which the phones are arranged.

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