Frustrated by the complicated process of gas money repayments, we decided to create DIVID. Because your car runs on fuel, not friendship. With a simple interface to quickly and fairly divide up gas money payments, our application makes it easy and stress-free to share your ride.

What it does

DIVID is a mobile app that uses the Mojio API to grab trip data for your vehicle, and then calculates total gas cost using local prices retrieved from a gas price database that is updated in real time. It automatically splits the cost between trip participants and sends out an email with a payment link to repay the driver.

How we built it

Mojio API, PostGreSQL database, Python, HTML/CSS, Adobe XD

Challenges we ran into

We didn't know anything and now we know some things.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a thing.

What we learned

"This will only take me 20 minutes to implement" is how you know someone is fresh at coding.

What's next for DIVID

  • Implement one-click payment buttons in-app, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay for smoother user experience.
  • Implement fuel efficiency score calculator, using Mojio API to calculate theoretical max fuel efficiency based on route, traffic, and other factors from the Google Maps API.

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