We wanted to create a website that contained many resources for women in computer science all in one place. Both of us have worked in heavily male-dominated engineering workplaces and are committed to increasing female representation in the technology sector. We know how overwhelming it can be to start the process of learning computer science, and so creating a central site with inspirational history and an embedded IDE for practice is essential to keep young coders hooked. We also wanted girls to be able to practice computer science while learning about the history of the women that preceded them. The coding project centers around women in computer science and gives female coders the opportunity to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript all in one place. The format of the project makes it easy for young coders to understand exactly what they need to do, as the separate challenges are well commented for easy participation. The IDE is in Sandbox, which made it easy to embed an IDEs directly into our site. The coding challenges are written in React.js, and the rest of the website is written in HTML/CSS/Javascript. It was one member of our team's first time with Javascript, and so we learned together to build the site.

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