Biodiversity is a key indicator of the environmental health of an area. By allowing people from around the world to contribute to our database of animals in a simple, well-validated way, we can compile and visualize the biodiversity in various regions throughout the United States. Ecodiversity is catered towards all people, and its simplicity allows AP Environmental Science classes to use it as an educational tool.


We used Polymer to lay out the front-end with some CSS modifications, and we implemented the ESRI Javascript API to create feature layers on top of our map and to embed it into our website.


Our next steps include:

  • creating options for multiple visualizations, such as choropleths or heat maps, that could be based on whichever environmental statistic is most appropriate for that type of visualization
  • adjusting our map so it displays aggregate sums of biodiversity factors in granular ecoregions
  • contacting the EPA to learn what best animal tracking techniques can account for duplicate animals and invasive species
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