For many of us in the tech industry, we believe that diversity and inclusiveness are values that make us stronger. In recent years, almost every startup and VC in the Valley have said that they care deeply about diversity. Well we wanted to know, both on a firm-by-firm basis, as well as on an industry-level, whether these claims are backed by real data or if they’re nothing but talk. So we built Diversifai, a web tool powered by computer vision and machine learning to expose their demographic breakdown.

Let’s see this is in action. Simply enter the website of the company you’re interested in and Diversifai will scrape through the websites' images to populate, in real-time, a report of their gender, age, and multicultural appearance. Our algorithm then compares this data to those of their peer institutions and produces a score relative to the industry. As you can see, Greylock Partners is not doing so well on diversity. Then a crucial feature is that you can share this data with your network and even reach out to the company directly to expose this issue.

With our approach, we’re serving social good by bringing awareness to corporate diversity and incentivizing influencers to lead with their hiring decisions.

We are Diversifai. Thank you judges, thank you TechCrunch, Clarifai and thank you Pub Nub!

What it does

a web application to rate and measure diversity metrics of a website

How we built it

By using PubNub, we were able to create a block that uses Clarifai's Demographics model, which gives us three metrics: multicultural, gender, and age appearance. With our web app, a user can input a website to extract the image sources which will then be modeled through the PubNub block with Clarifai and be analyzed and processed through our rating algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble publishing and subscribing with Pub Nub at first but after we got use to the concept we were able to understand it more easily. We also ran into interpersonal conflict and had trouble agreeing on a concrete idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the idea that we came up with together. Even though we disagreed on a lot, we persevered and came together to complete a beautifully designed website

What we learned

We learned that great tools come with great responsibility

What's next for

Our mission is to promote diversity in the workplace and representation in marketing, media, business, etc. We hope to serve social good by bringing awareness to how companies represent themselves and empowering others to learn about the importance of diversification.

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