We believe that every foreign born individual is an asset to our community and want to help them succeed. However, accomplishing our own personal goals within American financial, legal, and educational systems can be intimidating and difficult, especially for people not born in this country. Immigrants and refugees may wish to open a business or apply for a loan. Achieving these milestones may feel like climbing a tall ladder, Our app helps users create their own goal plans where each goal is curated with objectives from foreign assistance organizations. By reducing the overwhelming amount of work into manageable curated objectives, we will enable foreign born individuals to gradually climb the ladder, one rung at a time, until they reach their personal goals. With the support of our application and foreign assistance organizations, we can ensure that every foreign-born individual succeeds at climbing their own personal ladder.

What it does

  • Curated source of knowledge for foreign born individuals to successfully navigate American systems
  • Fully translated app
  • Ability for users to create and manage their own goal plans with curated objectives defined by organization workers
  • Ability to send a message a relevant organization for assistance with a specific objective (or part of an objective)

How we built it

React, Redux, node.js, with a mongoDB database backing it all. Also a python lambda functions to easily call Google's translate API.

Challenges we ran into

Consolidating the ideas of 8 people into a cohesive project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An app that can be fully translated to the language of the user on demand.

What we learned

Sometimes the flashiest solutions aren't the ones that are the most needed.

What's next for LadderUS

Building out the web interface to allow organizations to begin adding their specific goals/challenges that relate to their areas of expertise.

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