This year, all of our team members have engaged in virtual learning. The format can be difficult for all of us to share our thoughts; some of our teammates are more introverted and are nervous to talk, while others are happy to share to fill the silence. We sought to bridge this gap to make collaboration and discourse over Zoom more accessible for all.

What it does

The goal was for DiVerse to display a bar associated with each participant in a Zoom meeting, showing the relative cumulative time each person has spent speaking throughout the meeting. This nudges those who have not spoken as much to speak up, and for those who share a lot to give others opportunities to share.

How I built it

DiVerse is powered by Android Studio using the Zoom SDK, with alterations made to fit our purposes. We first researched how to use the Zoom SDK, and experimented with it using emulators from Android Studio. Then, we implemented relevant aspects of the SDK in order to track how long each person has spent talking.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges we encountered included figuring out how to use SDKs for our own purposes as well as hosting the information from DiVerse on a separate platform. We also ran into the issue of sharing data between various phones hosting Zoom. Firebase would resolve this issue and allow us to share data across multiple screens.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’re proud to have figured out how to use SDKs, and will continue to use this resource in the future.

What I learned

For most of the team members, this is the first hackathon we’ve participated in and is also one of our first encounters with Android studio as well as using SDKs.

What's next for DiVerse

We ran out of time to fully implement Firebase but our next step is to add a way to communicate the data between apps by hosting it on Firebase. We would also like to add more features to ensure virtual collaboration can be bettered, whether it’s options to “upvote” when someone is talking to indicate whether what’s being shared progresses the conversation, or downloadable reports for instructors to use to see how they can encourage quieter students to share in the future.

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