The internet allows everyone to access loads of information at their fingertips. With hordes of information, its easy to find yourself buried under dozens upon dozens of chrome tabs. In order to digest this information, you often need to switch contexts between notepads, word docs, and other disconnected note aggregators. This context-switching immensely slows down the research process, and often is not done at all, leading to a huge loss of information.

What it does

Diver allows you to highlight relevant information as you are reading information on the internet, and then displays it all that information in an easily navigable format.

How we built it

It is a chrome extension, so its built in javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Visualization of the data was a huge hurdle we faced, and unfortunately our original grandeur plans on how the end product should look like were not fully executed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a sick logo.

What we learned

Dont include bootstrap in content scripts

What's next for Diver

Take over the world Extend features involving sharing and customizability.

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