Our team is coming from the German Hackathon #WirvsVirus and got inspired by our passion for data, digitization and social commitment. At the moment, all measures that serve to contain the spread of the virus are generalized and independent from local conditions such as population composition, urbanization level, local economy, medical infrastructure, sources of infection and R0 on district-level. This results in unnecessary burden and unpredictable economic behaviour caused by disproportional measures.

What it does

The current situation increases the pressure for political and economic decision makers. They are intended to prevent a medical catastrophe without conjuring up an economic one, the consequences of which are also life-threatening - and this with unclear data regarding the level of danger and mortality of COVID-19. Decison makers should be enabled to define and manage measures on smallest district level, either centralized via the German government but also through the administrative bodies itself. In addition, the impact of measures on the curve of infections and economic development is just not clear. Our project DiVaCor supports a clear answer to these questions.

  • Attention: Sample data is the most precise for Germany! -

How I built it

Teamwork and long hours of work

Challenges I ran into

Access to relevant data sources Finding skilled team members Marketing and PR Access to decision makers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created the opportunity to even display the R0 on district level. As per our knowledge, this is unique! Check it out on our platform:

What I learned

The more you are specialized, the harder it is to find an expert and mentor. We entered the Hackathon with the expectation to get into contact to political decision makers or people with access to the target group and unfortunately, this did not happen.

What's next for DiVaCor

A service was set up which allows local media a free-of-charge access to statistics on the curve of infections of their relevant district compared to the state and/or federal state. In addition, to give the solution attention, contact to political decision makers to further spread the word and reach target groups is what we are aiming for.

Built With

  • directus
  • java11
  • r
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