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As international students, we faced problems that a lot of international and exchange students can relate to. We dedicate to providing crucial information for students to reduce the possibility of similar issues from happening to and to improve the quality of exchange and studying overseas experience.

What it does

The application would show students introduction of each university, rankings of their majors, entry requirements, locations, surroundings around campuses, and accommodation. Students get to apply for universities through apply button, and all the crucial information of the student will be stored in their profile page, which functions like Jora or Seek.com

How we built it

By using virtual reality android studio, Swift and Artificial intelligence technology, we are able to present to students the vivid view of the university of their dreams or the campus they desire.

Challenges we ran into

How to get information about the school? How to achieve a win-win situation by working with all parties?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It solves the selection problems faced by most international students and gives foreign students a better tool and window to understand the school.

What we learned

We learned how to think about solutions from the problem itself. How to continuously modify the program and even the project direction through the problems faced by customers.

What's next for Ditto

Ditto will continue to grow and develop, and eventually strive to promote Ditto to more international students through continuous promotion among international students.

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