Having so many transport options it isn't easy knowing which ones are near you, or how to get to a place with a transport route.

Solution: DITTO

DITTO displays the nearest transport stations and points of interest and provides a step-by-step route in augmented reality to specific places. Also it shows featured discounts or promos in the businesses nearby.

Monetization- How are we making money?

We offer a section in the app where the user can see nearby discounts. Businesses pay for that space in the app (friendly ad), and their potential costumers will know about their promotions whenever they are in the area.

How we built it

We integrated the gov Detroit data with Wikitude's SKD and we also built a CMS for businesses to launch discounts/reward/etc inside the app for customers that are near them.

What's next for Ditto

We are planning to actually offer the app to businesses in Detroit and launch in both iOS and Android app stores.

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