With India having an approximately 1.33 billion population, a section of people are roaming around for no reason,
There is no proper queue management and at times like this the law enforcers are trying to keep order but few inccoent citizens are getting harassed.

Elsewhere, Local businesses like salons, gyms, eateries, boutiques, plant nurseries etc are incurring heavy losses due to shutting down during the lockdown

What it does

For the general public, who need to step out of their homes to buy essentials from the stores during the covid-19 lockdown, our application "Covid Pass" will provide an automated appointment/pass, valid with in the boundaries of a particular distance radius and time slot.

The idea is to help save these local businesses by enlisting these businesses to our app and let users buy coupons to their services which can be used by the users after Lockdown

How I built it

The application would issue the pass in fixed numbers at a particular time depending on factors such as number of people opting for the store and current count inside the store. This not only eliminates longer queues but also ensures that social distancing protocols are followed and people with genuine reasons are exempted by the police for stepping out.

We will be partnering with the local businesses to give coupons of their services with some amount of discount. That can be helpful for the users as well.

Challenges I ran into

Getting stores onboard with the application is little difficult since most of the stores are closed under the lockdown

What's next for Queue management & purchase of coupons for offline stores

Post lockdown period, this App can be modified and developed to be an appointment aggregator application, thereby ensuring an efficient queue management system.

We will connect with local merchants like salons, grocery stores, boutiques, gyms, cafes, local clinics and try to onboard them on our platform.We will also ask them to share our application with their users through sms or advertisements in their store.

Built With

  • androidapplication
  • google-maps
  • googlelocationapi
  • kotlin/java
  • userexperience
  • xml
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