Having several family members who have faced drug addiction, and a lack of research surrounding drug addiction, specifically within the context prescriptions, I want there to be a more public database of Prescription information

What it does

This is a contract which allows Pharmacists to be registered in a database, allowing them to create an online version of the prescription when it is filed in the Pharmacy. Regulatory bodies can create instances of this contract to decide who verified Pharmacists are, such that all of the Prescriptions created are valid prescriptions.

How I built it

Using Solidity and the web-imbedded remix IDE, my teammate and I created this contract and deployed it onto the Ropsten test net, so that we can see if the capacity for adding prescriptions is possible.

Challenges I ran into

Neither my teammate nor I have had any previous experience with Block-Chain technologies, or specifically Solidity, so we had to learn as we thought through our project and tried to create an appropriate contract.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We actually managed to create something which can publicly be referenced on the Ropsten test net.

What I learned

A ton about Block-Chain technologies in general, and about how distributed, open-source information could be applied to relieve real life problems.

What's next for Distributed Prescription Ledger

Hopefully, it can be moved out of the proof of concept stage, and could be presented to pharmaceutical boards and legislative boards for approval.

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