What it does

DMUD is a way to run any multi user text-based adventure including user made adventures. It supports any device including mobile, SMS, web, and desktop. DMUD is decentralized and uses the interplanetary filesystem (IPFS) to store data, rather than storing it on a central server. DMUD is a peer-to-peer system, again requiring no central server, little setup, and no specific network requirements.

How we built it

DMUD is built with Python. It uses the Twilio SMS API to connect players via text message and uses the Python IPFS bindings to store data in YAML format on the IPFS.

Challenges we ran into

We learned that peer-to-peer libraries are finicky and require a specific network setup that we don't have access to at a hackathon. We also learned a lot about the pitfalls of object oriented design, especially with complex object interactions.

What's next for Distributed Multi User Dungeon

We would like to implement a more robust connection mechanism and improve the user interface.

Built With

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