Direct trade between people have always been a driving factor in generating livelihood and supporting local economies. In extremely hard economic times, people rely less on centralized government as the later becomes less reliable and efficient in this role, and start relying more on local community. Thus we want to establish a distributed Marketplace that will enable people trade with each other in a currency of their choice and build reputation within a marketplace.

What it does

We are basically build E-Bay on EOSIO Blockchain where all Marketplace operations are handled on a smart contract, which let people trade with each other using any cryptocurrency of fiat as payment methods. The interface for the Marketplace will be on mobile application (both Android and iOS).

How I built it

Developed dMarketplace smart contract. Deployed and tested on Telos testnet manually. Documented list of client commands for smart contract for mobile team. Developed NodeJS endpoint for new account creation on Testnet used in signup. Deployed Amazon S3 upload endpoint using NodeJS Lambda functions - used for product image upload. Team worked on native Swift iOS mobile client.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge as in any e-commerce venture is fraud. Rather than trying to solve it in centralized manner - we want distributed community to manage risks and fraud using reputation system, reviews, transactions history, disputes and bans for bad actors in a system. Not enough time to complete project of this size - mainly native mobile application takes more time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fully implemented e-commerce foundational layer into EOSIO smart contract with seller review and dispute mechanisms.

What I learned

Communication is a key in a team to make project move forward. Misunderstandings lead to time lost.

What's next for Distributed Marketplace

Continue development till viable MVP is released. Traction with users and survival in Real World. Security and fraud prevention.

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