This overview document could be a good starting point:

However, some medical experts found it totally beyond them, so I prepared this:

Interested people can subscribe to that list, since we will be making announcements, etc. there.

I have suggested a two stage plan for development:

Stage One: The TraceTogether application released in Singapore will be adjusted to be used in Malaysia. TraceTogether is being prepared for release as open source. If that is available, we would be able to get an app out fast. This would give us experience in deployment that could be applied in other countries. We could direct people to the educational websites, etc. already available, so the amount of work would be reduced. However, even after getting the app into the Apple and Google stores, we will need a website, marketing, someone to interface with health authorities, fund raising, etc. So, we probably will need business management as well as project management.

Stage Two: In Stage one data stored in the app is released to Health Service personnel. In Stage Two, the notifications from the Health Service can be automatically transmitted to contacts of the infected person. Research indicates that instantaneous notification is necessary in order to stop Covid-19. If we are unable to get cooperation from the health authorities, we could apply the model in my 1997 publication. This would require us to produce another app to be used by those providing diagnostic services. We would then likely need someone with business-to-business marketing experience.

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