Where Our Idea Came From

One minute your focused, then bam an ad pops up next thing you know you've fallen into the black hole that is the internet. While it may not seem like that big of deal in the moment, that one lapse in judgement will cause us to do it time and time again. As students we will never notice the detrimental side effects of such behavior, despite it's overwhelmingly negative impact on our education. This is a problem that needs to be fixed now!

So.. How Did We Fix That?

Well the internet is tracking your every move, yes, yes you probably already know that, but hear us out. We took advantage of that fact a created a chrome extension that identifies the good websites and the bad websites. For every 5 minutes spend on a bad website you must donate $0.20 to a charity of your choice, because after all time is money if we waste our time, we must also (kinda) waste our money.

How it Came to Be

One word dedication, and lots of it. Well actually that's a lie, we also used javascripts, pug, bootstrap, eBay's apis, a Chrome extension, oh and stack overflow a lot. We might have also over used a few mentors along the way (thanks Ethan). Honestly that is about it, we pulled in the api and threw some logic into it and it all worked itself out.

But Did it Really All Work Itself Out?

lol... no Not a single one of us knew javascript on Friday, so we spend all night frustrated with the syntax of javascript. Once it all seemed to work we then needed to somehow call up an api, which again, none of could do. So after about 6 hours of frustration and one big crying party we began to get it all together with the guidance of a few of the mentors.

But Hey We Did it

Well none of knew anything about a single thing we where doing we all somehow pulled it together and learned an entirely new language.

We Are Not Stopping Here

We plan to continue this project in our free time, with our main goal being to improve the interface and create a more optimized system overall.

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