People often struggle to pay medical bills on a regular basis and have to take on massive amounts of debt that can last their entire life. However, many governments are unable to allocate enough money to prevent this issue. To take matter into our own hands, we developed DistCare, a web app that enables donors (such as philanthropists) to directly send money to patients in need. We also host a platform for identifying medical volunteer organizations do that people without money to help too.

What it does

Prospective donors and philanthropists can help uninsured people across the nation get the care they deserve. Patients who are unable to afford private health insurance will be able to share recent medical expenses through our HIPAA-compliant web portal and give donors an opportunity to fulfill their needs directly. This platform is specifically designed to help volunteers support understaffed and underfunded local communities.

What set us apart

Rather than spending money on a charity that only spends 30-40% of donated money to help patients in need, donors can use our platform to send 99% of the money directly to patients (keeping 1% when commercialized).

Patients are also able to more reliably get the money they need for current and future health transactions. Unlike GoFundMe, our platform is HIPAA-compliant. Thus, we can reliably verify inputted information with patients' healthcare providers.

How I built it

We built the web design using figma and connected it with react For backend we used firebase and digital Ocean And also integrated Google map api

Challenges we faced

HIPAA compliance Executed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Google Cloud we could use Cloud Firestore to store protected health information (PHI)

Integrating Firestore database with DigitalOcean droplet Digital Ocean takes snapshots of the database every time the database a user pays or gives PHI

Teamwork Despite losing half our team during the first twelve hours of the hackathon, we managed to make DistCare work

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of using Google cloud and digital Ocean and also helping the healthcare system especially for those who cannot afford treatment

What's next for DistCare

We will plan to launch the startup

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