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Ken has learned how to set up M2DMM (Media to Disciple-Making Movement) using Facebook. Initially, we are developing the project to reach Iranians in the U.S. We will have a “Business” account where we can run ads to attract Iranians who are looking for community and encouragement during the tensions caused by COVID-19. I am also learning about how to include other digital tools we will need such “Branding”, obtaining a domain, a website/blog and connecting these with other social media like Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp and Instagram.

I am learning (through research and interviews) what the persona of Iranians is so that we can appeal to their needs, hurts, challenges and interests at this critical time in America.

When we enlarge our outreach to the Iranian Diaspora as well as to Insiders, we will need a “Digital Hero” who owns a Facebook account (in Farsi) located in a place far away from the centers of our activity. Eventually, we will build a team of 5 roles suggested by Kingdom.Training: Leader/Visionary, Marketer, Responders, Dispatcher, Multipliers.

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