During the event, we have appealed mentors to provide us with ideas. The main goal of our participation was to fulfill the requirement of a school project, however we had a lot of fun doing it and we really hope it will have a further developpement.

What it does

Basically our app has the goal of helping kids to have fun during the quarantine in Switzerland. So the original goals of our app was to create several applications (Drawing app, Question-Answers game, Pasting activity) which would be playable online with the help of a token to make it more securised. After researches and surveys, the idea was very needed by a large group of parent and kids from the Hackathon.

With the current state of developpement, we only achieved to create the database for the users, make them log in the app and create the drawing activity with the possibility to have 1 camera switched on. With more time, it would be cleary possible to create something better !

How we built it

We mainly used the Android Studio software to create the App.

First of all, we used one activity (LoginActivity) on which the user has the choice to create an account with a fragment (Register) or to log in the app.

Then, the user reached the Home fragment where he can choose the drawing app activity (PaintActivity). On this game the goal is simply to draw with a friend while the camera is on. We also add the possiblity to draw over the cam to make the some creative games. (Draw a mustache, hat etc.)

Unfortuately, because of lack of time and knowledge we couldn't implement more activites and the multiplayer session but we let in the code all of our effort !

Challenges we ran into

We are actually a team of 5 students from the HES-SO Valais/Wallis in second year. We obviously encountered a lot of challenges.

The first of them was about a professional deformation ! We've always been told to think like Business and IT people wich consist of thinking about efficiency and security in general. But in this case, we needed to analyze kids and how do they actually think ! Fortunately, we received a lot of help from our deareast mentors.

Secondly, it was about our knowledge. We wanted to do a lot but with least... wich leads us to practice our "learning by doing" mentality. We spent a lot of time on looking for something on StackOverFlow or Youtube.

However, it didn't stop us ! We are still very proud of everything we learnt :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First of all, the project itself brings us a lot of pride. We managed to implement most of the features we wanted, even if we didn't see how to make it during our courses.

What we learned

1) We increased our communication and software skills. 2) How to spread the workload 3) How to structure and manage a project in a team 4) How to see things in a new way

What's next for Distance Playgroup Challenge #86

As we mentioned earlier, we are students. Unfortunately, we still have a lot to do (and to learn). That's why we decided to leave it to you guys for maybe making it real.

After a lot discussion with people of the branche, we figured out that kind of app is very needed by kids !!! It would be awesome for kids to play together to kill the boredom if the quarantine keeps going.

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