The prevention of Covid-19 inspired me to create this project and this Android Application, Covid-19 has been going on for a year now and it has been devastating the people globally and has disabled our social, financial and economic activities. Many deaths were caused and hospitalizations too. The quality of life of people completely slumped due to this pandemic. I researched and found that social-distancing is by far the best way to prevent Covid-19 from reaching and contaminating other people. SO I created this app, an app that warns people and remind people to have a good social-distancing habit so that I can decrease Covid-19 cases and allow the health, finances, and economies to prosper again.

What it does

My app is consisted of 2 sensors; the Location sensor/API and the proximity sensor. First, the proximity sensor measures how close one person is to the user(which is you). If the person(your friend or family) steps into a certain range(gets too close to you), the proximity sensor will be triggered and the colour will change to warn the user. When the proximity sensor is triggered, the location sensor will be triggered as well. The location sensor marks where exactly the user's phone is located and it records it onto the phone. So the app shows 2 things. The time you didn't social-distance/the time the user got too close to someone and the location of where the user didn't social-distance. This will give them a better idea of where and when the user got possibly exposed to Covid-19 which will help them figure out who it is and get checked out immediately and also get a better habit of social distancing.

How we built it

Used Android Studio with Java. Incorporated sensor systems and an API.

Challenges we ran into

The GPS Api was a struggle. To incorporate it, it took a lot of time and to actually understand how it works was complicating.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The application worked perfectly at the end!

What we learned

I learned how to use Android studio better, I figured out how to add APIs and sensors into my app. I now am an intermediate android developer and I am proud to learn a new thing!

What's next for

  1. Audio which outputs a sound once user isn't social-distancing.
  2. Better UI for convenience and satisfaction
  3. Possibly a human tracker(Shows which person the user interacted with if they weren't social-distancing) to check whether or not that person had Covid or not.

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