The inspiration of this work are the text games existed, and the structure was also inspired by Inklewriter.

What it does

It's a text - based story game that gives out decisions to change its flow.

How we built it

I've built it using Unity with the C# programming langauge. The story was written and plotted in Twine.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges that I've ran into is that, this game should be minimal in terms of content and gameplay that our God would be proud of. Since this game will also be in line with the Kingdom of God, the game turned into a simple e-book with a selection of decisions that changes the flow of the story. And also, I don't do "online-based" works, like databases, servers and alike. So working on an offline app will be too limited for connections such as you and other people who has this app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I've initiated an idea that would be helpful for the people, especially for those who have a powerful relationship with God.

What we learned

I learned that it is possible to worship our God with the use of Technology that we have right now, in decent matter. A text based story game can be helpful for a memorable and nostalgic experience for readers and players in this situation. We can also mix the media with inspiring bible verses also in a proper way.

What's next for Distance became my Prayers

"Distance became my Prayers" will still be improved especially its writing. It may be the next game to be released on the Google Play store.

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