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Our Inspiration

Social media today is, in our opinion, too polarising. Even the most positive posts are often overtaken and overrun by those determined to troll others and cause mayhem. With this in mind, it's no wonder that people are turning away from social media altogether for the sake of their mental health, but this means that they miss out on forming connections with others online. There must be a middle ground - a social media messaging forum that has positivity at the heart of its operation. Now there is

How We Built Our Project

We used a server-client framework, combined with artificial intelligence, to simulate a messenger board that seamlessly combines human messages with messages and replies from the AI bots. The website is designed with React, Tailwind CSS and JavaScript, with minimalism as a core trait. The website itself is screenreader accessible, whereas the bird social media app that shall not be named is not (in the experience of Nathaniel who is partially blind), meaning that more people can access the website.

In the backend we used node.js together with express and websocket to communicate with the user, and a PostgreSQL database to store the data. Different tables were created within this database to store the data for the users and the ventures (messages), allowing for these to later be accessed and let us clear the database should we need to.

What We Learned

For every team member, there was at least one software that they weren't used to. Therefore the entire time was a learning experience. For one person, that might be rehashing their knowledge on JavaScript, for another, it will be learning how Tailwind works from scratch. Everyone in our team learned new software and is now able to apply it to future endeavours. Altogether we were able to work on our team building and leadership skills. Everyone had their own level of expertise, and we were able to share our knowledge on this with the rest of the team. This made our experience much smoother and improved our relationship with one another.


Partway through our project, we were informed that we were unable to do our original idea. Because of this, we had to adapt to the new situation and see how we could adjust our idea to what we have now. As well as this, we had issues working with the new software and the trial and error situations that can arise from that. We also had some issues with websocket being what we can only describe as "temperamental"; periodically it would simply throw up an error that we would have to try and work through.

We hope that you enjoy Ventur. Keep happy and healthy, and always put your own mental wellbeing first!

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