Voice interfaces can be annoying to use

Voice interaction is great for asking questions or navigating to something specific.

However the experience isn't so smooth when browsing lists of information as well as in cases where "doing" is easier than "telling"

A lot of tasks for voice assistants can get pretty tedious so we wanted to fix that using hand gestures.

We hacked the Alexa microphone and speaker system to detect gestures using the doppler effect

Alexa comes with two speakers. We used one of them to generate a 20khz frequency. When moving your hand around the device, we detect the changes in sound wave and map these to natural gestures to augment your voice interaction experience.

To demonstrate the value of our gesture library, we created an immersive music player alexa skill.

You can pause/play and skip songs with your hand. You can also flip through albums like you would at a record store but in a world of voice. This hack works on any device that has a microphone and speaker

Now you can flip through albums, browse search results, shop items on amazon much faster and with more choices.

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