Clink is professional networking app that lets you exchange contact and professional information seamlessly with people around you. Clink lets you discover and gather more insights about the people around you by using crunchbase and techcrunch to gather relevant professional career related data. It's the perfect tool for a conversation starter, contact exchange and a follow-up.

For long, networking has been a cluttered process with clumsy business cards and lack of information about people you are meeting or just met; some people just aren't too sure how to start a conversation. Imagine going to a tech conference like techcrunch, you install the clink app, fill in your professional contact information like name, phone number, email, company and your role. Clink will use your company name to pull relevant information about your company from crunchbase such as a short description of the company and its product, its investors, location and related articles. Clink goes even a step further to find techcrunch articles listed on crunchbase to display them as preview cards on the app.

Then all you have to do is let the app discover people around you with clink. You can tap to view more information about these people to find out what their company does, who are its investors and most recent techcrunch articles about them. Think they are interesting? Go up to them, have a great conversation. Then send them a request on clink to view their full contact information such as their phone number and email.

Clink is the networking tool you've always wanted.

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