iPaw is a one-stop-shop mobile app for all things dog. The app is a central hub to various different pieces of information a “pet parent” could require at any time, all tailored to their specific dog’s breed and age.

The Sign in flow

When the app is first launched, the user is asked to create an account, authenticate with Facebook or sign in with a previously created account. (via Firebase)

The user is then offered three options to add details about their dog.

Using the built in classifier

As part of the profile creation for the dog, the user can either take a picture or they can upload an image. These images are then passed to our classified using Apple’a MLKit (trained on Kinship’s dataset), and the dogs breed is returned to the screen, and the user is prompted for confirmation.

Manual Entry

The user also has the option to enter their pets details manually, if they do not have a picture at hand.

The Main Menu

Once authenticated to the application, the user is then brought to the main menu of the app, where the user is presented with 9 different sub menus.

Home Screen

The home screen shows the most recent picture of the dog uploaded to iPaw, as well as a quick access menu to things like: the closest dog park, nearest vet etc.

The “Health” screen

The health screen of the app allows the user to quickly see potential risk factors for their dog based on age, breed and locale, as well as normal and abnormal behaviour patterns. This enables the user to verify if their pets behaviour falls within normal boundaries, or if something appears to be wrong, let’s them find the closest help.

The “Essential Documents” section

This section stores key documents for the pet, such as an electronic passport, health records, travel documents etc., allowing the user to easily find and carry these documents with them no matter where they go. (powered by filestack)

The Shop

The shop section allows the user to purchase items for their pet tailored to their specific breed and age.


This section allows the user to search flights where pets are allowed, and shows a per country guide on the specific laws related to taking their pet.

Share to Snap

This screen allows the user to publish a sticker to Snapchat with custom details about their dog.

The Map View

The map view offers a tailored selection of dog parks, vets, pet shops and more near the user, making the process of taking their dog out easier than ever.

Settings and Search

These are pretty self explanatory.

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